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SPit lane issue


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I’ve recently bought the sunset Speedway set, I’ve set up an oval to test the set out the dou crossover works no problem but I can’t get the cars to go into the pit lane. If I mov the switch to go into the pit lane as the car approaches it move back like the cross over does. So I’m assuming it not picking up the signal from the car to tell it to swi to the pit lane. I’ve moved it to another part of the layout but the issue continues, any help wo be appreciate.

Andy P.

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Community Moderator

You have to hold the lane change button down until the car has passed the lane change flipper.


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The double crossover works no problem it’s just the pit lane that I’m having a problem wit.


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i wonder if by any chance you have the pit entry and pit exit the wrong way around... only theentry section has a sensor... just a thought?




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You cannot have the pit lane directly across from the arc power box. I learned that when i set up my platinum set.


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Hi Spinba11 - welcome to the forum!


What I understand you are saying is that you can move the pit entry flipper by hand - that suggests you have the pit lane the correct way round.


You also say if you manually move it to ‘enter pit lane’ then as the car approaches, the flipper moves back to ‘straight on’. This is the default behaviour of a lane changer when a digital car goes over the sensor without the lane change button being pressed. This suggests the sensor in the pit entry is picking up a signal from the car and the solenoid ‘motor’ in the pit entry is working and closing the flipper. What isn’t happening is the pit lane receiving a ‘change lane‘ signal.


Could you repeat this keeping the lane change button (the top one) held down for the full lap - lap after lap. The car should change lanes on every lane changer and enter the pit lane each lap. Please do this with all three cars that came with the set and all three controllers. Let us know what happens and if any cars and/or controllers behave differently. That will help diagnose the problem.


Something I didn’t always get the hang of early in my digital experience was pressing the lane change button a couple of feet before the lane change sensor - I’d press too late and the car wouldn’t change. That also makes it important not to have lane changers, pit entries and powerbase too close together- I’d say three or four straights (or curves) between each.


I hope that helps.

Andy P.

1707 posts

Community Moderator

woodcote's suggestions should work.

I might add the only time I had issues with lane flippers not working is when the track connections weren't good:

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