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SPlease critique my new 4x12 Track Layout

I appreciate all of the help received to date from everyone here. I am working on a 4x12 foot build and came up with the following layout. I call it the Spahgetti Western International. 

I want to get your opinons before I start sourcing. Any opinion would be appreciated since this is my first serious track build. Thank you!

Andy P.

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Community Moderator

A lot of R1 curves which will hurt the flow but otherwise a good set up!

I see what you are going for but I think you will be happier with fewer curves and less R1s.

I sometimes use 2X 22.5° R1s to make a little "wiggle" track or one 22.5° in the middle of a 22.5° R2 or R3 but almost never user any 45° R1s.


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My advice is always to try out a layout or certain aspects of it before you commit. My impression is that there are a few too many R1s. The inner curves are necessary if you want a decently-length track, but not to the detriment of a fun track to drive. Racing with magnets makes R1s less tricky, but too many can be a real pain, especially if you want to try cars with no magnets or less magnet. If you could add a full R1 turn to the track you have at the moment, you can try out what they are like to drive.


When I drive your track in my mind, I think the switchbacks in the top left (before the sweeping final turn) will be an excellent challenge. You could make the second one with the 90-degree hairpin R1s and sideswipes. These open out the radius of the inner lane slightly. There is also an option to do that going into the straight with the pit entry. I think the R1s that don’t drive well for me are those after turn 1 - I would loosen that section out and keep it nice and fast. Maybe just straighten the section with the R1s entirely? I’m also concerned that you won’t be able to squeeze borders on the outside of those R1s - I think it’s best to eventually have borders on all the corners, whether you are running with magnets or not.


Another comment is on the position of lane changers. I think they work best in the braking zone at the end of a straight - otherwise you are forced to slow down to overtake, which is really frustrating! So I would move the changer on the main straight to just before turn 1. Otherwise, I think that’s a great track for that space and should give a group of digital racers a lot of fun.

So you and others have commented and I have made the changes in white:

Having had a chance to drive some track that came with the Sunset Speedway set, I found that yes, there were too many R1's, so I smoothed that section out. I also extended the left side of the track with standard straights since the banked curve for the final turn could present issues with launching the cars off the track, the table and into the weeds. 

Thank you all for the suggestions. 


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Hey Nevada, just wondering if you like going counter clock wise with your cars. I'm building mine on a 13x8 table and have started to mock up my track. Thx by the way nice set up.

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