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SProblem with ARC Pro and curved lane changers

Hi everyone,

I just purchased the ARC Pro basestation to connect to my existing digital track. I have three old-style curved lane changers, and whenever I add any of these to the track, the ARC Pro shorts out (flashing red status light).

All three of my curved lane changers cause this problem, so I don't believe it's a problem specific to those pieces. When I connect the older digital powerbase, it's fine.

Does anyone know if these curved lane changers are incompatible with ARC Pro? Does anyone have working track with the ARC Pro which includes these curved lane changers?

Thanks for your help


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other than the original poster on sf,  have not seen a confirmation by any other user that converted curve lane changers cause a problem

which seems strange since problem was reported couple weeks ago


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The mod "sort of" works, meaning having modded curved lane changers 1) keeps the power base from going into safe mode, and 2) the lane changer paddles function as designed. The problem with the the traditional mod with the ARC Pro is that the rails in the cross over section of the curve act as if they're "dead". Since the mod has the right hand rail running off of lane 2 power, and the left hand rail running off of lane 1 power, the design of the ARC Pro powerbase doesn't pass the data through as done with the old 6-car power base, so the car loses it's data feed, and "stalls" on the cross over.

Instead of trying to work out a more extensive mod (as I've seen discussed in other online posts), I'm replacing my 2 curved lane changers with standard curves, and I'm adding straight lane changers immediately ahead of those curves. This is a more straightforward fix, albeit expensive, but in the long run I think it's the best solution (after my wallet recovers).


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The mod isolates lane1 from lane 2 so analogue can work. Unfortunately it leaves the changeocer lane with mixed supplies. One rail feed from Lane 1, the other rail from Lane 2. Put a car on that with ARC Pro and it effectively shorts the two lanes


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Understand the explanation of why digital car will short out while changing lanes but that explanation means analog should be good to go by not changing lanes.

That said switching to straight dual changer ahead of standard curves is a far better idea because you get 2 changers not 1.


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Understand the explanation of why digital car will short out while changing lanes but that explanation means analog should be good to go by not changing lanes.

That is correct subject to the lane changers having the original mod for analogue use. Of course analogue cannot use lane changing anyway. Non-modded curved changers will not work even in Analogue mode.  But since you can't use the lane change at all with ARC Pro the changer needs replacing with standard curves and ideally replace with the straight changers elswhere as you mentioned.


What I find a little anoying is that this issue only comes about by users trying! - I very nearly bought some curved lane changers but decided any further spend whould have to wait untll I made a decision about ARC Pro.


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yes should have clarified it as fixed or your modded changers


believe since scaly stopped making curved changers years ago that they had no reason to test stock or fixed versions in their testing for use with current products which will probably be an unpopular posititon for some but change is constant in the toy and real world 

Thanks to the links posted here I've read into this issue further, and I'm convinced that curved lane changers will not work with ARC Pro because of a fundamental design decision that is different than how the previous digital powerbase was designed. We never modded our curved lane changers because we've only ever used digital with the C7042.

And yes, I agree that a big issue here is that Hornby promoted the new ARC Pro powerbase as something that can be easily slotted into an existing digital track layout, without providing the caveat that some conditions will not work.

I'm willing to accept these limitations but then I'm not a hobbiest like many on this and other boards

I have been preparing for converting to digital over the past 2 years. Having bought a straight and a curved digital lane changer plus pit lane for a tried and tested 8x4 track plan based on Jadlam and was awaiting the Arc Pro pre-order to finish it off!

Unfortunately now I find out here that this scuppers this plan with the curved digital lane changer for the bend directly before pits. I had assumed wrongly the old type Mods for curved lane changer for analog would be sufficient. But now I find out it will not even work correctly in Digital mode!!

I am a little peeved Scalextric did not point this out to people whom had digital track already these limitations with Arc Pro!! This of could of saved some time, money and bad feelings with past loyal customers! This means my 8x4 track will either need to be modified to 10x5 or a new layout adopted!!

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