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SARC Pro - Curved Lane Changer Mod


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Last bit Wink  How are you securing the rails back - nice touch with the small piece but I would be concerned with it coming loose or sliding and creating a short as pickup pass over it if it touches one end.


I certainly think your mod will look much neater and one less dead spot which is also a good thing. The main thing about modding the changer is that it leaves the Powerbase as it is and also keeps the track Analogue friendly.


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I avoid the risk of the small piece moving by cutting it to align precisely with the retaining tab so it can’t move along the track once the tab has been re-locked. I use 5 min epoxy to hold the three sections of rail in place - but I only use the epoxy in close proximity to the cut positions. The result looks almost like a mass produced part... ;-)


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still not buying your explanation of opt c

modifying curved changer is great

modifying powerbase can use glad inline to add analog

but those who insist on 2 race lanes into 1 will never race analog


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Yes i see where you are coming from... for option C the modified track pieces enable an unmodified ARC pro to function with unmodified curved lane changers and unmodified digital lap counters. This is intended primarily as a digital solution where integration with unmodified curve lane changers is desiredd. If you want analog too, then can either remove the two option C track pieces, or with a bit of design effort could use double-pole double-throw switches on the track pieces themselves - it’s all very do-able... and I hope this helps...


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Option C

modify two standard track pieces as below and then fit both sides of an unmodified ARC pro...

======= lane1

===X=== lane2

create a10mm dead zone in both rails at point X then ‘cross-wire‘ underneath using two jumper wires. Easy...


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ok understand your digital only  solution


using 2 additional pieces of track to create 2 dead zones and 8 solder connections for adding 4 wires

instead of slotforum idea of unsolder 2 and solder 2

cheap n lazy m i , slotforum wins this easily


to then run analog,  you switch these pieces out or add a switch to go back to stock condition

however then original problem returns

just like slotforum digital solution and their resulting analog problem


so to me , if ever needed to run curved changers again, would do blagard mod

or glad




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My position is that there are three valid options and they all work well with various trade offs. In terms of my option C it will work very well in digital mode. Removing the modified track pieces returns the system to an entirly standard ARC PRO format which of course is well suited to analog mode (so long as any curved lane changers have been snipped with the standard digital to analog mod). This is a potential advantage over the slotforum ARC PRO mod which would cause cars to run in opposite direction in analog mode. But just to reiterate...  I’m not yet coming down in favour of any one specific option at this stage.... in fact I’ll be exploring all three options... with the intention of seeking to demonstrate useful and effective modifications in each case :-)


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asked this other day elsewhere

perhaps you have missed the discussions here and throughout the scaly community for the last month

about the fact that the curved digital changer, stock OR modified (snip snip) is a default no no on the arc pro


thats why the curved changer mod by blagard is the only solution for both digital and analog use on the arc pro

glad can do both too, perhaps best through the all digital slot forum solution

but for now will stick to stock arc pro here, happily without curved changers



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The unmodified curved lane changers work perfectly with the APB where both lanes have the same digital signal polarities. With the ARC PRO the signal polarities of lane 1 and lane 2 have been reversed. The slot forum mod to the ARC PRO rectifies this polarity reversal by switching two wires so that unmodified curve lane changers will function in digital mode exactly as per the APB. My proposed Option C will also rectify this polarity reversal and so, again, unmodified curve changers will function in digital mode exactly as per the APB. I therefore firmly disagree with your assertion that the only solution is the modification of the curved lane changers. This is simply one of a number of compatibility options. In earlier posts I list three... A, B and C.


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Yes your option c will give you a digital only track,  unsafe for analog use.

It is just the slot forum option moved from powerbase to track plus 2 deadspots plus twice as many wires and solder points.

You should suggest it there.


btw  sentence 2 is incorrect since sentence 3 is correct

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