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SARC Pro - Curved Lane Changer Mod


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and just where is that thread ?


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and just where is that thread ?

Slot Forum International

Thanks for the mod, he work perfectly fo me !! 


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A year on this curved lane changer mod may well still be of interest to users of ARC PRO who want to retain their curved lane changers... thanks to blaggard01 for showing us the first demonstration of this modification approach :)


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Wind forward another eight months and I find myself modifying another two curved lane changers... same method... with some new images...




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Hey peeps,

Things may have changed with this.....


I bought the "Sunset Speedway" arc pro set a month back and have been extending it.

One of the first things I wanted were corner lane changers and found one I wanted and bought them...

Before they came I found this page and decided to mod the powerbase by swapping the wires over on the rails, job done....

The corner changers arrived and hooked them up.... Short circuit.. I checked the rails one was positive one negative....


I got the soldering iron back out and put the cables back in the original positions re- checked the rails with multimeter both positive.. so didn't need any mod whatso ever. It would have worked out the box, should have checked the rails first lesson learned


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Thanks Zoopy! Sounds like Scalextric have made the necessary modifications, which is great news

Andy Player


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Hi Zoopy, that is great news... so for some new ARC PRO powerbases the track power modifications are nolonger required. Great progress by Hornby in developing the performance and compatibility of the ARC PRO...





Andy P.

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Community Moderator

I was told this from a source close to the production of the newer powerbases:

Just FYI arc pro powerbases with this batch code and higher will have the voltage polarity mods done: 1418REF01 14 is the week of the year (March), so any number larger than 14 will have this mod. And any with ~22 (June) and higher should also have a small mod to help improve reliability in car ID pickup while pressing the lane change button of the hand controller.

Hope that helps!


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And, the two ARC PRO Le Mans sets I have seen recently both have the new updated powerbase. This removes the track polarity concern of the earlier version of ARC PRO and it effectively sorts the LC button press issue when crossing the start finish line. This is a great development!


For home race circuits, at normal fast speeds, the lap counting is now fully reliable whether LC is pressed, or not, when crossing the S/F line. For very fast raceways and very fast drag strips there may still be some residual ID read issues when the LC button is pressed for the higher IDs e.g. IDs4-6... In these extreme circumstances a rule of not pressing the LC button while passing the S/F line would still make sense. For the rest of us, who race our cars at normal fast speeds, for the latest powerbase hardware solves the LC button issue.



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