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Is there a list of cars I can run on a Scalextric Digital track? I understand DPR and analog is nothing more than a module for the scalextric cars, but could I make a Carrera digital car run on my track? Sounds stupid I know, but I see various makes that will run on "almost any analog track" but can I run non scalextric cars on a scalextric digital track? If so, what mods would I have to do to make another car work on that track? Thanks!


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Hi wyattearp. 'Analogue' is a term to describe standard Scalextric where each driver controls power going to each lane - on a two-lane track, you can race two cars.


'Digital' is a system where each driver controls power going to their car via a digital signal in the track. The power to the track is 'always-on' and the digital chip in each car controls the amount of power delivered to the car's motor. In Scalextric digital (including ARC Pro), you can race up to six cars at one time. To work on a Scalextric digital system, you can use almost any slot car, but it must be fitted with a Scalextric digital chip.


For Digital Plug Ready (DPR) cars, conversion to digital is easy - a C8515 digital plug (C8516 for Formula One cars) fits into the underside of the car. Only Scalextric and Pioneer produce DPR cars.


Non-DPR Scalextric cars and cars made by almost all other brands require the C7005 Retro Fit Chip. This requires some soldering and a small hole drilled for the lane-changer LED. For non-Scalextric cars, a 'ferrite man' suppressor needs to be fitted between the chip and the motor. For high performance cars (for example, NSR, Ninco, Scaleauto, Thunderslot etc), the SP15B chip for Scalextric Sport Digital (SSD) is recommended by most enthusiasts. The SP15B also requires soldering and a hole cut for the LED.


To convert an analogue Carrera car to Scalextric digital, you will need to fit a C7005 Retro-fit digital chip and fit a 'ferrite man' (see how to here) between the chip and the motor. Carrera Digital chips are not compatible with Scalextric digital, however, you could remove the Carrera digital chip from a Carrera Digital car and fit the Scalextric C7005 chip and ferrite man. You'll also need to drill a hole for the LED - the two chips fit into the car differently.


Carrera cars require a smaller guide to work on Scalextric track. This red replacement guide is supplied with each Carrera car and is easy to fit. If you are using ARC Pro, the red guide will need to be painted black (with a quality permanent marker) or replaced with the black BRM guide for Carrera (Ref: BRM S -126).


Hope that helps!


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Wow! Thanks for the education.Now I know I can run the Pioneer with little modifications. I have a Carrera digital car that I want to modify and thanks to the information here, I know how and what I need to do! Thank you!


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there is also a slotit chip (believe it is out now) that allows any car that chip fits in to run scaly, carrera ,and oxygen (slotit system)


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That's the oXigen Type C chip (O201C) which will be compatible with oXigen, Scalextric Digital and Carrera Digital. These will retail at £40.50 in the UK - nearly three times the price of the C7005. I understand that there is an issue with one component in the chip which means the multi-platform chip will not be available for a few more months.


The Type C chip is excellent for people in digital racing groups which might include home tracks using the different digital systems. It saves swapping out chips. For my group in Worthing, we run on Scalextric Digital, but occasionally attend oXigen events elsewhere in the UK.

I have a question that is very closely connected to the above question. I'm a newby when it comes to slot racing and I have a problem with a converted Carrera car. The car has been converted to be used with a scalextric digital track. It worked fine, apart from the guide blade that was to big. So I had problems in short turns and on lane changers. So I decided to change the blade by the red blade that Carrera puts in the car's package.

I installed the red blade and did a first test run. It ran well, but in the first lap it suddenly stopped and now the car is doing nothing anymore.

I understand that this is a rather superficial description of the facts, but I hope someone can point me in the right direction to go and look for a solution for this car. To complete the story I have to say that I tested the car before on a simple analogue trak with my 6 cars powerbase from Scalextric and it worked like a charm. Then I tried it on my longer ARC Pro track and noticed the car got stuck in the short corners, but ran fine for the rest. So I decided to change to the red blade and it went wrong. And I know that a red blade and ARC Pro don't go together, but it was just a test before I would order a few BRM blades to get this car running fine on my new ARC Pro track.

I'm looking forward to a few advices on how to go from here onwards... Thanks in advance!



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Hi Dirk - welcome to the forum!


It sounds like the installation of the Scalextric chip was fine and the problem only happened when you changed the guide blade. If the car is now not working at all, I suspect that in fitting the new (red) guide blade you have trapped some of the braid under the guide or dislodged the upper (solid metal) part of the braid assembly. That might mean there is a poor connection with the track or there is a short (the braid on each side of the guide is touching). I would expect a short to trigger a power overload on the powerbase and it is possible the chip has been damaged - but we can hope not...


The first thing I would do is remove the guide, ensure the solid part of the braid assembly is correctly fitted and that the braids are pulled aside before you re-attach the guide blade. Check and double check there are no strands of braid trapped under the guide blade. Bend the braids down a little for a good connection and, finally, check the braids are not touching each other out the back of the guide. Fingers-crossed that now works...

Hi Woodcote, thank you for your quick response. I fear I may have damaged the chip, because I looked at the things you said and the car still sin't moving...



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HI, I am also new to Scalextric (apart from 45 years ago as a kid). I've bought the ArcPro Digital Sunset Speedway set with 3 digital cars but am struggling to find any other digital cars. They all seem to be DPR, which seems to mean you need to spend an extra £16 on a digital chip for each car to convert them, which makes the cars quite expensive.

Are there any other truly digital cars available, and are Scalextric going to add to the range soon?

thanks very much in advance for any guidance!


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Hi Retyred - welcome to the forum!


Of the current cars, the only ones that come already converted to digital from the factory are the ones in the ARC Pro sets. Otherwise, it's a case of adding a C8515 digital plug to DPR cars (or C8516 for F1 DPR cars) or soldering in the C7005 Retro-fit chip to non-DPR cars.


Having said that, a few retailers do sell cars already fitted with a chip (usually the C8515 or C8516) for a price slightly less than the combined cost of DPR car + chip. One retailer I have used that does this is Jadlam Toys & Models. They also sell the cars from the digital sets.


When I was building up my digital fleet, I would look out for discount codes and sales and stock up on chips. £16 is the RRP, but I've rarely paid more than £13. However, I avoid buying used chips or older chips from auction sites - the latest versions are best. I do also move the digital plugs around my cars - not all are chipped all the time, just the ones I am racing. It helps keep the cost down a little.


I hope that helps.

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