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SScalextric ARC BLE Protocol


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Good afternoon all,


It’s been some time since we discussed it here on the Forum, but we’re now able to share the Scalextric ARC BLE Protocol.


We’re aware that many of you are keen to get your hands on the information and we hope we can enable you to get the most out of your ARC powerbase.


If you’re interested in the info, please email me directly using If you could make it clear you’re after the ARC BLE Protocol and it shall be emailed to you privately.


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Let the games begin!


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Wow. Excellent news. Mail Sent....

(Hopes it documents ARC Air alongside Pro)


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Thank you Scalextric... this is very welcome news indeed - and just to put on record... well done to the design team for putting together such an excellent state of the art SSD platform!


As I have said elsewhere - really excellent hardware implementation of the difficult bits and... a very intuitive and user friendly app too!


and now... the imminent prospect of interfacing over BLE - great!!!!

Thank you,



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I applaud Scalextric for releasing the protocol and I've spent a happy couple of evenings experimenting successfully and will probably integrate a few cool features (throttle rumble, throttle limiting etc.) into my own setup that uses an Arduino and 3rd Party RMS currently.

However the current frequency of the Timing data (Slot/0x3B0B) notifications is quite limiting and would probably prevent use of the BLE route by many RMS as their sole timing data.

Currently on ARC Air I see notfications every 300ms - And hence 1 for each car(lane) every 0.6 second

For ARC Pro with 6 cars its still 300ms per notification and hence 1.8 Second for each car - which equates to quite visible lag on the ARC application between crossing the line and the App updating with lap data. If there is a route back to firmware/software developers .... a significant increase in this frequency or create a dedicated characteristic per lane so each could be updated on the 300msec interval would make it much more appealing.....



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Great news!

I just ordered the Platinum Set :)

Dean, do you have the docs? Is it possible to communicate with ARC using USB and BT, or just by USB?


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forgive my ignorance,what is this protocal?


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Hi Paulali,


This is the bluetooth wireless protocol which connects a tablet to the ARC powerbases. BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy. The protocol is useful to hobbyists who wish to develop their own apps rather than use the standard Scalextric app - which I have to say is itself very good - in my opinion...


But for some of us... creating new apps will be great fun... and wuite educational too.


Hope the explanation helps...




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a perfect reply,thankyou Dr_C


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Hi, is there a forum/thread/network for sharing ideas and tips for hobbyists writing their own apps for ARC?

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