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SScalextric ARC BLE Protocol


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There are a couple of threads over on Slot Forum, including this first one:


And this one, specifically about the first attempt at a third-party app, which is pretty close to going live:

Andy Player


55 posts


Hi, is there a forum/thread/network for sharing ideas and tips for hobbyists writing their own apps for ARC?

See other forum ... slotforum

Andy P.

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Community Moderator

Yes..I have no idea why people are nto sharing the info here...


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Hi Andy... good point/question...


While others are developing apps which bring some additional adjustments and more advanced simulations for fuel usage and tyre wear etc... I believe the official app from Scalextric does a really great job... and hence is a tough act to follow!


Meanwhile I, and a number of others, have done some more basic testing of the BLE protocol. It is very easy to set up simple comms between the ARC PRO and either an iOS or Android phone/tablet. All much easier than I had expected - so thanks Scalextric/Hornby for sharing the protocol.


I really like the standard ARC App which works very nicely on my iphone 5s, iphone SE and ipad mini. They call screen-mirror nicely onto my livingroom HD TV. Excellent!


Where I plan to make a contribution, with respect to the BLE protocol, is a very simple app which confirms all controllers and all sensors are functionng correctly... i.e. a very simple diagnostic app.






Hi Dr C,

Partly in response to Andy P comment I suspect there is an element of some people wishing to develop value add in their own app creation with the hope of getting a return. Scalextric have created an open source development environment for ARC and it would be great to see developers commit their developments back into the community as it is often the fastest way to develop secure and reliable code.

One such example is the way Saclextric have developed the initiation handshake between the App to ARC and avoided the need for the user to worry about BT pairing, which can be very temperamental. As a reliable implementation I wonder why other developers would simply reuse this routine?

And to answer your question I think a Diag tool would be very helpful for developers, although it feels the Scaley App is doing a lot work to maintain reliable comms between throttles and ARC base. It certainly makes my task of hosting public Events a more straightforward and reliable process (you will recall the challenge I had with colours and controller so configs with my other 3rd party app :-)

Must find the feature request email to add a results page for all drivers at the end of a race....

Cheers Paul

Just realized my email never got sent, thought I sent this request in earlier this week.  Any chance for a quick turnaround on the response?

Andy P.

1937 posts

Community Moderator

You can also try submitting through Scalextric Customer Care at the right..

Since I never developed to BLE before, I'm getting a bit confused.  Are the devices BLE devices or just the protocol?  I've been looking into BLE and it appears there are specific BLE dongles but since the ARC works with so many tablets and such, those tablets I'm sure don't have dedicated BLE devices, but just plain ol bluetooth....what gives?


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Hi Chris. There was a lot of info discussed over on SlotForum when the BLE protocol was released. I understood some of it... Here's the link:


Hopefully you can find some answers there.

Andy Player


20 posts



although I'm responding to last year's post, for what it's worth I'll add my vote to the "useful" count and augment it with a "super" for "super useful!".

A tool like what Dr_C proposes would be Super Useful because it's easy to get lost in the forums and other various sources for hints on diagnosing issues that ARC may throw at you. Without an organized problem solving document, which this site desperately needs, the existence and usage of a tool that can ensure that the hardware is working well will be a huge benefit to this community.

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