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SScalextric Clubs in Scotland, UK

Hi all, im keen to start a club up in my local area (Glasgow) and wondered who else is out there?!

I cant seem to find any advice on funding a club on the official website or forums so wondered if anyone else has some tips? I will need to hire a local church hall or approach my kids primary school to use their hall and wondered if you can get official Scalextric backing / sponsership / endorsement as I would be helping local kids as well as helping to sell the companies products for them?!...any advice would be welcome Smile

i am too looking about for a club in glasgow if you find one let me know. I am a 50 year old who is dying to get back into it again lol


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I have recently introduced my son to the world of Scalextric racing and it reminded me of the all fun I used to have when I was man & boy enjoying this hobby.

Later on I also ran the 'Fife Slot Racing & Collectors Club' early to mid 2000's.

It got me to thinking of whether there would be any interest in relaunching this club/or similar again for all the dads/lads/daughters who have any interest in the hobby but want to race other people as well as family members.

Feel free to post a reply here or by email to


Hi all, I would be very interested in linking up to start a club but I think some are in existence already in Glasgow. I am in G5




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Hi MR - welcome to the forum.


There’s a map of slot car clubs in the UK here:


If there’s no club near you and you can find another couple of people who want to set one up - go for it! Although you’ll almost certainly need to buy the kit to set up a club, there might be grants available from local funding bodies to help run a new community group. Our club - Worthing HO Racing - got our first year’s running costs (hall hire, public liability insurance & publicity) paid for by Worthing Community Chest ( If you have something similar in your local area, it’s worth a go. This is a brief account of what a grant did for us:


This is a bit more about the club:

Hi 'Mr Woodcote'

Many thanks for your feedback. I will investigate these options; our local Co-Op has a hall available for community use.

Anybody in the G5 area please contact me via this site. 

Let us get do this!

Martin R


Andy P.

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HI Martin R.

Exchanging personal info is currently not supported by the forum.

You can ask the Forum Admin (link is on the main page for the forums) or you can go to a forum that does support this type of exchange (SlotForum is good for UK contacts).

It is a privacy as well as a techincal issue.

Thanks and happy racing!

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