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Ssingle track problem

Hello, I have a 20+ ARC Pro track with 6 straight lane changers and three pitstops. I have put in two power boosters to get sufficient power on every point of the track, but still keep having problems.

After some trial and error I figured out where the problem seems to be. My cars always stopped at the portion of the track with three lanes. When they have enough power when passing, they pass without a problem, but when I drive at low speed the cars stop. When I press the single track (corner or straight) close to the double track piece the cars get power. So I think the problem lies in a bad connection because of the single and double track getting to far apart.

Is there a way to connect the two lane part to the single lane part? I have to point out at this point that this is a non-permanent track, so putting in wooden parts cut in the right measures to keep the parts at their place isn't a possibility. Another thing that could be important in finding a solution is that the complete track (apart from a few exceptions place preventing) has inner and outer borders.

I hope someone can hand me a solution, because it is quiet frustrating that after investing a lot of money in this track we're still not able to run constant laps on it. It already crossed my mind to throw the complete thing out and put it on ebay... but I'd rather find a solution for this problem. 



Andy P.

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Community Moderator

Could you please post some pictures?

Seeing exactly what the offending section looks like would help.

Also 20+ what? Feet? Yards? meters? Wombats? Cool (granted the last 3 are about the same length... :-D)

It sounds to me though as if it is simply propblem of track connections not being perfect:

See the  section about power drops here.

Tightening the tabs is vital for a good connection.

Also if the raiels are tarnished in any way that will degrade power.

The usualy track troubleshooting applies: Does the problem occur when you connect the section of the track directly to the powerbase?

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