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i have 3 set of scalextric track, one is the giant 67 feet track new, the second is the micro scalextric track, and the last one is an older track, all scalextric all micro or ho scale 

i want to combine them all into a giant circuit, how can i connect them together, they all have different connector or clip system.


thank you 

Andy P.

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Community Moderator

woodcote is our resident Micro specialist.

I know there was an adaptor track for one type of connector, I think it was Marchon to the last Micro system (pre 2019).

He will know for sure.

Otherwise you will have to cut some straights and make adapters. I did this with Micro and Tyco and it work better than I would have thought.

It does cause the cars to run slightly differently as the rail height is different but as a "just for fun" thing it works fine.

thank you, my next step was to try to some custom fitting work



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Hi King Steuie - welcome to the forum!


My advice with 1/64 scale HO track is almost always to stick to one system. As Andy P said, a DIY adapter might be okay 'for fun', but is likely to be very disappointing for longer-term use. There are adapters available for some American brands - AFX to Tyco, AFX to Life Like etc - although these can be tricky to find and expensive. There is the one adapter for Micro Scalextric - to the old Marchon / Scalextric Micro MR-1 track system.


Can you give us the names on the boxes of all three of the sets you have. That will help me with figuring out what you have and whether it is compatible.


Am I right in thinking your Giant Raceway is the Tomy AFX set? The lane spacing on AFX track is narrower (by a few millimetres) to the 1995-2019 Micro Scalextric track. That does make an adapter tricky to make. There is no commercially-available adapter from AFX to Micro.

Andy Player

Andy, here is the photo of my three tracks, thank you 


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Hi King Steuie - thanks for posting the pictures.


From left to right you have:


  1. Aurora/Tomy AFX
  2. Marchon MR-1 (also sold as Scalextric Micro MR-1 between 1994 and 1997) and
  3. Tyco (also included in Mattel sets)


Marchon MR-1 and Tyco/Mattel lane spacing is almost identical. Aurora/Tomy AFX is narrower. Adapters are available for Tomy to Tyco track. There is no adapter from Marchon MR-1 to either Tomy or Tyco that I am aware of, but - as Andy P suggested - a DIY adapter is going to be possible with Tyco and Marchon because of the near-identical spacing.


I hope that helps.

Andy Player

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