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STrack the size of double bed

Hi everyone.

My name's Danny, I'm 32 and ever since I were born I've suffered with Arthritis. Last year my partner left me and due to my long history of depression caused by my condition and medication, I had a breakdown.

After talking to my mum I made the decision to go to a private clinic to get my head sorted. While I was there my ex was busy emptying my flat of everyone, so I came home to an empty home. Instead of arguing about it I decided to use it as a fresh start and start from scratch.

My counselor told me to find ways to keep my mind occupied, so I've started to make my own furniture. 11 month later I'm in a much better place and my flat is now refurnished. Next up I'm thinking of making my own bed and I thought it would be cool to have a layout under the bed that slides out at the press off a button

Unfortunately I don't have a computer so I can't design a track to see if it's possible. I wondered if someone could come up with some ideas. I'd like a straight as long as possible and double level as I find flat boring and I want to do landscaping. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to explain my full situation

Andy P.

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Community Moderator

Slot car racing can be very rewarding and building a layout can help immensely.

Out of curiosity, if you don't have a computer how are you posting here?

Double bed size is slightly different depending on the country you live in. In continental Europe the bed can be 140 cm, 160 cm or 180 cm wide and 2 meters long.

The lengths of each track piece can be found on this site. A standard straight is 35 cm long cor example.

A nice long straight is always good. The max length is of course achieved by running diagonally...


I'm using my phone, I'm thinking I might actually make a larger bed haha just because I can


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Hi PM - welcome to the forum and sorry to hear of your troubles. I find Scalextric racing a great distraction and a brilliant hobby.


In terms of designing a track, it’s possible to fit a track in the space of a double bed, but it’ll be a little small. If you are building a new bed - build it longer! All the design software is PC- based, sadly there are no apps yet. You could use a design app, inputting the Scalextric track piece dimensions as objects. Or go retro and use pencil, paper and a ruler. Whatever method you use for your joinery would work fine for designing a Scalextric track - and you only need two dimensions.


There are some simple designs included with most of the Scalextric sets, those might be a useful start. You can find some here: and here:


Good luck & have fun!

Andy Player


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Hi - I uploaded some pictures yesterday but being Sunday they wont appear yet. Check back later today and hopefully they will be here.


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Hi - respect for getting control of your life.

Anyway, I did design a couple of tracks that fit on my spare room bed - albeit a king size bed. As you can see for the raised track there is space either side so it might fit on a normal double. The flat track might be a bit tight on a double.


Andy P.

1802 posts

Community Moderator

Good use of space!

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