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Seems too far fetched in my humble opinion. Most race tracks are only a few cars wide just enough to get one or 2 cars deep at the turns. I recommend the 2 lane system and u can race up to 6 different cars simul. That is thanks to digital technology which allows each cars gas pedal to be independently operated from its specific controller. Plus if ur talking about a small club type thats all u need, since any bigger and the table and space required will be excessive. I really find the large ugly speed demon layouts very annoying especially from the older days. Where its like a rocket ship blasting off doing speed runs around the track. Heck u cant even see the darn thing and appreciate it. I like to slow things down a bit and make it more to scale. Enjoy!

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Hi, i have had my digital circuit in my garage for about 3 years now. Basic garage with concrete floor, brick walls and an up and over garage door. I have built the circuit around the perimeter of the garage right up to the garage door but allowing the up and over to still operate. I have had no problems with varying temps in their, in fact, it more or less stays the same. Through the summer obviously the up and over warms up it has not affected the track. And in the winter when there is frost on the ground obviously does go cooler in the garage but again have not experienced any problems. I haven't done anything about putting a carpet down yet to keep my feet warm. I must say that I do clean the track with wd 40, to me I think it keeps the track nice and supple.

Hi, I have a permanent digital track in my garage, i swear by using wd40 on the rails and track, avoid the oil slipping down between the flippers though. I find by using wd40 gives good grip from the track and good traction for the tyres. I spray some on a clean cloth and wipe it in.

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