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Hi Alan. The C1374 ARC Pro Platinum GT set was the first ARC Pro set produced back in 2017. It is no longer produced, but some new sets might be found with local retailers - a Google search of Australian sites show it to be out of stock though. It looks like the set retailed in Australia for around AUS$1,100. The two ARC Pro sets that should be widely available are the C1388 Sunset Speedway set and the latest C1404 Le Mans 24h set, plus the C8435 ARC Pro Upgrade Kit.


ARC Pro has an analogue mode (there's a small switch on the left side of the powerbase) which allows you to run unchipped cars in a traditional one-car-per-lane fashion. Almost all the ARC app features are still available in analogue mode, so it is a pretty good system for running digital or analogue.


There's a guide to using the ARC app that I'm putting together here:


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Hi Tom - welcome to the forum! 

I am pretty sure the AZ-1 is another name for the original Scalextric C7030 six-car powerbase. It's not something I know much about. There is a link to the full instructions here: which might be worth looking at.


Let us know if you have any more specific questions.


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Hi deltzilla - welcome to the forum. The C8215 Lap Counter & Timer is no longer available on the Scalextric website, but you should be able to find it with some retailers or on selling platforms like Amazon and eBay. If you search Scalextric C8215, you should have some options.


I hope that helps.


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Hi Mick - welcome to the forum!

Yes a digital chip can blow when the car is running in analogue. The electricity is passing through the chip in the same way, so any overload will blow the chip.


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Would it be a crazy idea to just buy the ARC Pro upgrade kit (~ $135... I'm in the USA) and use it as an ARC Air with regular cars?

And in the future, I could go digital if wanted by adding a couple of lane changer and equip my cars with chips?


No, that wouldn't be a crazy idea at all... You will get all you need in the ARC Pro upgrade kit that you'll need for analogue ARC Air running, plus the option to gradually convert to digital in the future. Three things to consider are:


1) As Andy P mentioned, previous ARC Pro powerbases do have an issue with missing laps if you hold the lane change button when the car passes the powerbase sensors. This will not be an issue running in analogue mode (you don't need the lane change button!). If you upgrade to digital, it will be a case of positioning lane changers and pit entries away from the powerbase. The very latest powerbases (in the Le Mans 24h set) have this glitch more-or-less ironed out. There is also a fix for the older powerbases, although it requires advanced PCB soldering skills.


2) ARC Pro controls power in analogue mode differently to the ARC Air powerbase. In practice, this means very little difference apart from a high-pitched whine/whistle from the motor of each car. To me, it is barely audible and it does not bother me at all. For some people it is an issue. It could be some powerbases cause a louder whine than others - or it could be entirely subjective...


3) The ARC Air powerbase has nice pit box markings, so it is very clear where you need to stop for the ARC app pit stop feature. ARC Pro does not have a pit box marked for use in analogue mode. However, you'll soon learn exactly where to stop - especially when you have over-run the sensor at the end of the straight. You could even attach a sticker to the track or place a marker next to it.


I hope that helps!


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Hi French-guy - welcome to the forum!


ARC (or App Race Control) is essentially a race management system that runs as an app on smart devices - Apple iPhone and iPad, some Android phones and tablets and Amazon Fire tablets.


There are three different powerbases that can use the ARC app:


  • ARC One - a basic analogue (one car per lane) powerbase where ARC acts as a lap timer and also enables pit stops to refuel and change tyres.
  • ARC Air - a more advanced analogue powerbase with wireless hand controllers where almost all the ARC features are enabled - including a pace car.
  • ARC Pro - a digital powerbase (up to six cars on two lanes, plus lane changing) with wireless controllers and all the ARC features are enabled. There is also an 'analogue mode' where the powerbase will act the same as ARC Air and uses the ARC features available with the ARC Air powerbase.


There is a good summary of the three ARC powerbases and the ARC app options available here:


To understand how the ARC app works in practice, there is a guide to using the app with ARC Pro here:


I really like both ARC Air and ARC Pro. If you want to race with up to five other people, then ARC Pro is fabulous. However, if it will be just one or two of you racing, ARC Air may be perfect. There are additional costs to digital, most notably a digital chip (decoder) in each of the cars. I'll summarise the costs here...


The C1403 ARC Air World GT set is £199.99 and includes everything you will ever need for ARC Air. You can buy more cars if you want and use your Scalextric Sport track to extend the layout. You may also want to add borders or barriers.


The C1404 ARC Pro 24h Le Mans set is £249.99 and includes the basic ARC Pro digital components - powerbase, two digital cars, two controllers, one digital lane changer and one power supply. It is a really good value starter set, but to use the pit stop features of the ARC app, you will need to add a pit lane (C7014 or C7015). To run more than two cars, you'll be adding more C8438 ARC controllers, a second P9300 power supply, another two or three C7036 digital lane changers (for a 4 x 8 track) and a digital chip (decoder) for each additional car you'll be running. Of course, these extra components can be added gradually and you can economise on chips by swapping the C8515 digital plugs between your DPR (Digital Plug Ready) cars. Otherwise, your Sport track can be used to extend the layout - and you'll probably want to buy some borders and barriers.


I hope that helps answer you questions!


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Hi Martin - the Jaguar E-Type is not Digital Plug Ready (DPR) so will require a C7005 Retro-Fit chip soldered in.


A good strategy with the front-engined cars like the E-Type is to attach the chip to the body on one side of the cockpit. This will need some of the cockpit removed and the large cylindrical capacitor on the chip will need to sit just in front of the cockpit. There is room to place the LED between the end of the guide blade and the motor - about 6-8mm behind the end of the guide blade is perfect.


In some of the wider front-engined cars (like the Corvette L88), there is room to fit the chip vertically in the chassis alongside the motor. Be sure to insulate the chip from the metal motor can (I usually tuck my C7005 chip inside a piece of wide diameter heatshrink tubing, but not heated...). I think the E-Type chassis is a little too narrow for the chip to fit in the chassis there, but you could try and it will save modifying the cockpit.


Good luck!


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Hi Ken. It sounds like you have a track configuration in your layout that is fine for digital, but causing a short in analogue. Usually that is a curved lane changer, an odd number of racing curve cross-overs, power taps (or jumpers) installed incorrectly or a pit lane merging the two lanes into one. Making your track analogue-friendly is discussed at the bottom of this page:


Your ARC Pro powerbase (from the Sunset Speedway set?) should act the same as the powerbase discussed in that article.


Let us know if that helps.


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WHO/digital - an offshoot of Worthing HO Racing - race Scalextric digital (using RCS64 software) in Goring, about 30-45 mins from Pompey. I know, I used to commute...  check out the website or Worthing HO Racing on Facebook. A fab and friendly club.


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Hi Rutter85 - welcome to the forum.


What you are describing is a Scalextric digital layout. That will let you race up to six cars on the track at the same time. There is lane-changing, overtaking, pit stops and the ARC app which has lots of exciting features to add to the gameplay.


There are two ARC Pro sets currently available - C1388 Sunset Speedway with three cars and a pitlane, or C1404 Le Mans 24 hours with two cars and no pitlane. If you want to run 4 cars, it is a case of adding extra ARC controllers and digital cars to the set. Or some retailers like Jadlam Toys & Models still have the 4-car + pitlane C1374 ARC Pro Platinum GT set, which might be ideal. With four cars you will need an extra power transformer and the pitlane. All that is included in the Platinum GT set.


The digital sets are not cheap and they are designed for racers over 8 years old. If your budget is more modest and/or your nieces and nephews younger than 8, there are still ways to get them all involved. It will mean picking a set to suit their ages and your budget from the Scalextric range:


One way of racing four people with one set is to organise team races - so two people share one car, swapping halfway through the race. Another way would be to have a car each and to race against the clock two at a time - the racer with the most laps after two minutes is the winner etc. You could have four, six, eight or more people taking part. When racers aren't on the track, they can be involved by re-slotting the cars - like a track marshal - or counting down the time, reading out the laps etc. That's how we did it when I was young - with a brother, two sisters, my dad and various neighbours all squeezing into the living room.

I hope that helps - do ask any more questions!

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