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I applaud Scalextric for releasing the protocol and I've spent a happy couple of evenings experimenting successfully and will probably integrate a few cool features (throttle rumble, throttle limiting etc.) into my own setup that uses an Arduino and 3rd Party RMS currently.

However the current frequency of the Timing data (Slot/0x3B0B) notifications is quite limiting and would probably prevent use of the BLE route by many RMS as their sole timing data.

Currently on ARC Air I see notfications every 300ms - And hence 1 for each car(lane) every 0.6 second

For ARC Pro with 6 cars its still 300ms per notification and hence 1.8 Second for each car - which equates to quite visible lag on the ARC application between crossing the line and the App updating with lap data. If there is a route back to firmware/software developers .... a significant increase in this frequency or create a dedicated characteristic per lane so each could be updated on the 300msec interval would make it much more appealing.....



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Wow. Excellent news. Mail Sent....

(Hopes it documents ARC Air alongside Pro)


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New App version 1.4.5 is available on both Android and Apple stores.

Seems to have fixed the bugs I was experiencing - I can certainly add to my collection etc on all my devices.

Adding pictures to custom cars straight from the gallery on my Ipad works. Full res pictures on adroid crash - but lower res work.

In a few quick tests with the track the apple version "feels" more stable than it did. Only had a very quick look on android so far. Will spend some time over the weekend trying things on a range of devices.

If it is an improvement....such a shame they couldnt get it out before Christmas. Have to ask what happened to versions between 1.3.0 and 1.4.5 !?


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Same issue here - (never had a single green "add" button work")

ARC Air F/W 2.3 H/W 1.0.1 Controller .11

App 1.3 on Android (Galaxy S7 Edge) 6.0.1

App 1.3 on iPad Air 2 IOS 10.2

App 1.3 on iPad 4 IOS 10.2

App 1.3 on Android (hudl2)  5.1

Given its across so many platforms/OS it must be a pretty fundamental issue. I reall want to enthuse about the ARC Air system but the lack of obvious feedback for this sort of issue is bad. 

Also badly needs a more free running practice mode - so you can just do unlimited laps and see the lap times.

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