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Signature: Doug Horne

Bio: Mini, MG Metro, 1275 Clubman, BMW Mini & Countryman Collector

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Will they work with my digital track? Doug


Doug Horne

Doug Horne

@Andy P.

Expansive or expensive?


What part of the planet are you on?


Doug Horne

If you wish any cars done I will do them. Quite expansive

Doug Horne

I have them plated under vacuum. They are real chrome and gold plated. NOT real gold of course. lol

Doug Horne

This is some of my customised cars


Doug Horne

Doug Horne

Is anyone interested in creating a Scalextric Club in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire area ? 

No Clubs near me that I know of. 

Doug Horne

I am also excited about the new Test Track blog. I like the first two new cars the Cosworth and the BMW. What about the Mini Moke !

Doug Horne

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