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Has anyone had the issue of cars getting stuck on the hairpin track?  any solutions for this? perhaps a way to adjust the slot somehow?

The inner slot is particularly bad.

Thanks for your time. 

I think however it's best to mod each CLC with this mod which was posted in Aug. by Dr. C which I think is the easiest in the long run if you want to use the analog switch on the ARC base Instead of swapping out those two pieces as in option C.


It's possible you don't need a modification - only if your ARC Pro powerbase is from the Platinum GT set or the ARC Pro update kit. Those that came with the Sunset Speedway and Le Mans 24h sets have a newer version that has the track polarity of both lanes the same. It is essential to check before you carry out potentially unnecessary modifications!

Thanks for that!  Ya I have first gemeration so with the snipped mod for analog the flippers work but the whole crossing lane between lanes is dead. 

Hello all,

This is fantastic news regarding the workable mods for my 6 curved lane changers!

However I just want to confirm that option "C" with the two modded sections with dead spots and jumper rewirng underneath is still in fact the way to go. Is this still the best solution?

Also would there happen to be a video available showing Exactly how this is done (especially the dead spots created with Dremel)?




Has there since been any solution for using curved lane changing track with ARC systems?

For instance is there a way to isolate and continuously power the dead spots?


How does the Arc One measure speed when it doesn’t know what distance or track length the cars are travelling?

Also the app gives race results where the ”top speed“ is always lower than the “average speed”. How is that possible?  What am I missing?


Thanks for your help!


If you delete the ARC app off your device or change devices is there any way to save and or transfer your garage \ track \ car collection so you don't have to spend hours "adding" it all back in?



With our new ARC system we created our most elaborate track ever right beside the Christmas tree!  With driver profiles including pics of us in helmets, we dropped the ARC flag! With pit options, weather, and sound fx, things got intense fast and Clara (12) and I were quickly deciding on our favourite cars and strategies. My daughter and I had one of our greatest adventures together as she was able to play out her racing fantasies in a whole new very detailed way! 


I would like to add the ARC powerbase to my layout, but so far it is only available with UK power transformers. When will it be made for Canada? Or can I just rewire the 2 laptop power supplies i am currently using into the base unit? Also, will it work with after market controllers such as Parma and Professor Motor. They are much more robust and will last more than a y 


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