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I thought that the topic of the this thread was whether dynamic brakes could be disabled with the ARC system. 

Andy, I agree that OOTB this system is way better than the OOTB APB. However, I really do not understand some of the changes in this new system: why different color/ID assignmnet, or why changing the order of the buttons in the controller, or limiting some of the customisations (like disabiling dynamic brakes) that were available in the OOTB APB 10 years ago.


I have done a bit more thinking and I came to the conclusion that when the controller sends the 0 trigger value over to the base, then it is up to the base (or the App connected to it) to interpret this command. If the dynamic brakes are active, then the 0 trigger value is converted in brake command send to the rails for that specific car ID. On the other hand if the dynamic brake is not selected, then the car should coast. 

Now, if the firmware in the controller interprets the 0 throttle value as "send the brake command" to the base (and to the App) then I think that this is really wrong and should be changed. 


hi Woodcote and Happy new year to you as well. 

Just to clarify, I run both analog on wood and digital with the APB. In analog, once you release the throttle to 0 then you get the brake are applied - what we call dynamic brake here. That is what most of the analog users expect to happen. I am surprised that those analog races did know how to use it...or they might have been from one of those weird clubs in the UK where brake are banned. 

In digital, we use RCS64 and we do not use dynamic brakes but manual brakes with the button on the controller. The APB by defauld opts for the dynamic brake option but one can disable (per ID) this option and have even with the APB connected to the tower manual brakes. 

Dr_C I am a bit confused by your post: are you saying that dynamic brakes is the only option no matter whether the ARC PRO is used as stand alone or connected with the ARC/Magic App? So there is no way that we can have the behaviour where once the throttle is released the car coasts unless one presses the brake button? If the dynamic brake is backed in the controller firmware then I have an idea why this is the case. 

Then the other question would be why adding the brake button? 

It is nice that they have released the comm protocol but it seems that they need to release even more firmware to allow people to get to the level of customisation that the APB allows. 


hi All,

 I have been resisting in buying the ARC Amature for a while. 

However, there was a good price (around 100GBP) and I could not resist longer. 

The power base is not here yet, but if I understand correctly, it is not possible to disable dynamic brakes? I mean the APB would allow this even with the tower. 

Is it possible to disable dynamic brakes via the Magic app?  

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