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Andy P.

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Andy P.

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Contact the retailer you püurchsed it from if it is still under warranty or contact customer care using the form linked on the right-hand side of the page.

Good luck!

Andy P.

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Putting analog cars on any brand of digital track will cause them to shoot off with no control because digital track has full power on all the time.

A digital chip in the car tells ommunicates with the controller and tells the how much of the power to use at any given moment.

While the priciple of all digital systems is the same, none of them are compatible with each other. You can't use digital cars Scalxtric of SCX or digital Scalextric cars on Carrera etc.

I am not familar with any Scalextric set called "F1 Evolution Digital". It sounds to me like it is likely a Carrera set. If that is the case the only way to get the cars digitized is to put in a Carrera digital decoder which is difficult because Carrera does not offer an after-market decoder and the decoder is much larger than any other manufacturer.

If it is  Scalextric (Hornby) set you can use the C7005 retro chip to get ANY car of any manufacturer to work on a Scalextric digital set.

Andy P.

1707 posts

Which might be why it doesn't run as well! :-D Cool

Andy P.

1707 posts

Hi Red Rebel,

Strictly speaking this forum is for Hornby Scalextric products only. I know "Scalextric" is analogous to slot cars in many countries so it it is not uncommon for people to come here asking about other non-Hornby products (it doesn't help that the name Scalextric is used by a different company in some countries...)


Still, you are not breaking the rules as you are not promoting another product and your question is of a general nature.

See the last two tips about tire maintenance and chassis prep here. This applies to any brand of slot car.

Many users also replace the rear tires with after market brands that are made of polyurethane or even silicone.

That is usually the best thing to get fishtailing under control.

Another tip is to use super glue or black paint to reduce friction on the front tires.

Andy P.

1707 posts

HI Nige,

Did you try to post a picture?

Andy P.

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HI Richard,

The dimensionsions of slot width and depth are the same or sloe enough that hackig and slashing them together should not be a problem.

The adapter kit includes the Sport <-> Start adapters plus an extra piece because curve radius of the Start track is different from any of the Sport radii.

You should be able to work around this though.

Andy P.

1707 posts

PS: I know that there are companies out there like Slot Track Scenics   maybe look there.

Andy P.

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So O gauge would be too small (unless you are going for forced perspective and putting smaller buildings "in the distance"

G sacle/gauge is likely to be too big:

Model Scales

G = 1:24

O = 1:48

S = 1:64

OO = 1:76.2

HO = 1:87

N = 1:160

Z = 1:220

Gague One is official 1/32 scale but I don't see that as a common building scale.

Good luck and send us pictures!

Andy P.

1707 posts

It depends on which system you own.

If you own the most common Scalextric set it is 1/32 scale (cars are about the size of an adult hand).

Some common model scale are also 1/35 which is slightly small but depending on the building and setting you can probably still make it work. I have seen a few 1/30 scale buidlings which would be too big but again, might still able to be made to work (an outhouse/port-potty for example).

If you have the smaller Micro Scalextric they are approx 1/64 scale (cars are about the size of die cast "HotWheels/Matchbox" cars). This is sometimes call "H0" or "HO" but there is no real consensus as to what the correct scale is. It could range from 1/60 all the way down to 1/87. This size of track is very common in the US (Tyso, AFX, LifeLike etc...). This is also the common size for many train sets (including the Hornby brand) and there are LOTS of buildings available...

Andy P.

1707 posts

Hi Nigel,

We are usually genlte here. :-)

Could you post a picture of the throttles you are talking about?

Over the years there have been many models and styles.

In general though wheels turning means that something is crosswired and allowing power to go to the track unregulated.

This can happen if you put analog cars on a digital track when it is digital mode or when the power suppy us plugged into the wrong port or there is a wire bridging something in the controller bypassing the throttle mechanism causing the track to get power directly.

The actual steps for troubleshooting are dependent on the throttle type so please send us pictures (or links to pictures of the same type)


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