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although I'm responding to last year's post, for what it's worth I'll add my vote to the "useful" count and augment it with a "super" for "super useful!".

A tool like what Dr_C proposes would be Super Useful because it's easy to get lost in the forums and other various sources for hints on diagnosing issues that ARC may throw at you. Without an organized problem solving document, which this site desperately needs, the existence and usage of a tool that can ensure that the hardware is working well will be a huge benefit to this community.


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If it's not too late to consider and you really want them to get "hooked" then here are my 2 cents:

Get a 4-lane oval track, analog. Get banked curves. They'll love it. The oval keeps it simple space-wise, the analog keeps it cheap, there are some very nice graphics on the cheaper super resistant analog cars, the banks will help keep the cars on the track at fast speeds. 

Once they're hooked and a little older you can expand with fancier tracks, cars, digital, etc.


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If you have kids you may want to check their reach before you put up a table wider than 4'. Anything wider than 6' needs grabbers even for adults and slows down the race when cars de-slot. Otherwise gorp's suggestion is great because there's a lot of room for expanding. I'm content with 4'x12'or16'.

If you got room for an L shape think about it. Makes for some alternative designs. 

For covering the tables I used fabric from Jo-Ann's Fabrics (usa). These types of stores sell by the yard and with coupons the fabric can be very cheap. The mentioned store has coupons for 50% off online, very frequently. Visit a store to see what feels right for you. Fabric folds easily over the table and you can get it nice and taught using a staple gun.


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Many thanks for the feedback FIAT128. Unfortunately, I don't think there's a solution (as such) as this behaviour is fairly integral to app itself (the app doesn't 'know' who's racing until the race has started).


However, from speaking to the Development team, there should be a few changes in the pipeline that will help with this issue in the future.


I understand. I now see that since the cars are analog the app doesn’t “know”. I thought of this a little and got to do things a little differently.


In the Add Driver I no longer add driver names. Instead, I added and saved all my CAR names. Then, for each I  went into the Driver Setup and set each of my cars‘ max throttle to a level that is slightly above traction threshold at the turns but also at a competitive pace around the track as compared to the other cars. This way our racers pick any actual car, then they select the car name from the driver menu. If a different car is desired there’s no need to adjust throttle speeds again. Just pick one from the cabinet, put it on a lane and choose it in the (driver) menu. The lane knows what car is on it simply because we select it from the driver’s menu.


So it would be great if the app developers make a change that allows the default operation (no race mode) of lanes to include the ability to choose drivers from the saved list of drivers. This should be a very simple option that allows for turn on arc one/air, turn on app, choose a lane, a default driver (or two) and go!

One more thing to add to the driver setup is to allow to save the so called calibration as well. This way each car could have all its special settings saved: Max throttle, Throttle curve, and calibration. It would be like racing with DIGITAL-style features and imho would improve this analog app‘s racing features even further.

@Admin and @Andy, thank you for reading and responding to posts.



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@admin, I tried the new controller and it works great. here’s what I also tried:

i removed the batteries from the old controller and installed them to the new controller. The new controller worked great with rumble on  and without the need for binding. It just worked.

Then i removed the batteries from the new controller and put them back into the old controller. The old controller did not work with rumble on. I turned off the rumble and it worked.

sorry but I forgot to check if re-binding makes a difference or if completely new batteries make a difference. i’ll give that a try next time we race. For now I’m glad to have all the features back.


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 Hornby America came to the rescue on the Nov 20 to help resolve. I've updated the post accordingly here: ARC AIR controller: Rumble disables car

Thank you for your help and support!


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@Admin, Thanks for the response. I kind individual named Steven contacted me from Hornby America. I received a new controller on the 28th of November which I may be able to try this weekend. I'll also try your recommendations and let you know what I see.


Thanks fot the support.


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Hi all, I’d like to report a software behavior which inadvertently is the cause for a lot of car wrecks and damage (per the advice of the community moderator Andy P.).

Using a SCALEXTRIC ARC AIR POWERBASE & APP version 1.5.3 on IPAD mini 4. In the Driver setup I have programmed several cars for reduced speed (Throttle 35%) for young and/or inexperienced drivers. However this setting only “holds” during an active race (Grand Prix, Endurance or Practice). If the race is paused or aborted, the programmed speed reduction no longer holds. Unaware drivers fail to control the unexpected and sudden increase of throttle which often results in a full speed crash.

As long as the app is on and connected to the base, would you agree that the app  should maintain the programmed speed during a pause or abort? This will allow any driver that still presses on the throttle to get the expected programmed speed.

I have unloaded and reloaded the app several times to ensure we have the latest version. Please advise.


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Note for above issue:

the cars used came with the arc one set.

the app runs on an ipad mini 4.


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Hi all,

This is to report an issue with one of the arc air controllers from the ARC AIR Powerbase set C8434 (purchased Apr 10, 2017).


The rumble option is turned on.

During start light countdown the green controller (lane 2) does not rumble.

The same controller flashes its red light on and off rapidly.

At “go” the car moves slightly and stops.

To make the car go it’s necessary to:

                Pause the race.

                Switch the controller off and then back on.

                Resume race.

The controller works fine without the app.

The controller works fine if the app is on but a race isn’t initiated.

The controller works fine if the rumble option is turned off.


It appears that the activation of rumble causes some time of fail mode which inactivates the controller.


Please advise.

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