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Best site stateside and owned by former head of scaly usa, Alan Smith of


Little slower and operates little different, but if I can post, you can too.

Had to change password to meet new requirements but computer did it for me.

Enjoy !!!



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After a conversation today with Alan Smith of , decided to try another test.


Pulled out the updated arc pro and stuck in arc one, the analog only powerbase with wired controllers.

The javelin with the H chip, that ran so badly on the arc pro analog side, ran perfectly fine on arc one.

So the H analog problem is really an inherent problem of arc pro.

Do owe scaly an apology for earlier comment on the H chip.


Now you have 4 choices for arc pro analog :  1 to just run digital only with the H as many slot newbies will have to or 2 to replace chip hatch with analog one, again must own other dpr cars that are chipped thus having a hatch available or 3 replacing the H with a soldered in chip, which does actually run well on analog or 4 when racing analog, switch in an analog only powerbase, while  using the arc app for lap counting or adding an analog lap counter.


In hindsite, personally was futher ahead before, by having done the arc pro mod, which made it a great digital only powerbase and then just swapping in analog base and lap counter when desired.



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You are a lot faster than I am swapping in and out the dpr chip.

Usually pop body off and use tweezers on the side so not to pull out wires.


But real problem is someone buys the set and gets these fine digital toys but no analog hatches are included.

So he has to buy more cars just to get them and is then stuck again needing to switch back when ready.


But since the scaly digital car has always been advertised to also run on analog, prefer to keep them that way, just to beat analog racers and show them that digital is just as good as analog on analog.


Just wish I could locate some more g or earlier dpr chips to replace all the h.


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First a big thank you to woodcoat for advising me to buy the improved arc pro.

Yes, it is finally fantastic.


But why are those new dpr chipped cars so bad running on the analog side ?

Now know clearly.

Dug out my original ones from the digital beginning and up to a few years ago.

They had both soldered in and earlier dpr installed.

Guess what ?

They worked great, just like days when would beat their analog with my digital on analog tracks.

Tested new set cars again and then tried last purchase, the scaly javalin with latest dpr and they were all terrible.

So as far as I am concerned, the problem is not the arc pro, but it is that highly praised, latest DPR chip , which I have no problem with running on digital but truly believe should be avoided for analog racing.

It appears that chip was tested about as well as they did the original arc pro.

Shame on scaly.





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Guess no one wanted to do the simple test from feb 9.


Really had expected that analog cars would have a longer controller movement range on arc pro analog than digital cars runninng on analog.

So getting the opposite result must be because of the powerbase itself. 



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Forgot to add that if you want to easily change direction of travel with powerbase lap counter, just turn powerbase around and run power line under or over track.

Or just add 2nd used analog or 4-6 modified (separate power source) digital lap counter in reverse, which means you may need to relocate it from front straight to see it better.

But app will not count laps but rest of car set up should still work (untested since do not usually use app for anything)

Anyways have done the rest here when necessary to see what track is like backwards.


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Are the street lights different lengths because of the slope of the roof or is that just an optical illusion ?


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The commment about scaly digital cars always run both ways on analog was because original post stated arc air had been returned because digital cars ran in opposite direction.


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Sweet !

You can tell it is front wheel steering because the front wheels are not in line with the body and the front wheel pin (center of hub) is how it is attached.

If the toy was actually available, you could turn it over and generally see the name of the manufacturer.


Personally have a few MRRC f1s before they went normal straight front axle.

Quick but brittle since plastic ages.


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@David Oxford

My memory is pretty vague cos it was about 50 years ago (I'm 57 now and I'm referring to my first Scalextric set), but my first cars were like this:

My (possibly faulty) memory is that these had front end steering.


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