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If this is true, why not sell the lighting circuts individually so we can outfit our previous Javelins with headlights.

@Andy P.

I have been told in addition to a working siren it also has working head- and tailights.

We will see about getting the site updated.



Can you guys please create cars that the ford daytona proto type can compete against in its class and not the gt3 cars.  Some that come to mind are the IMSA Corvette prototype, the Acura or Nisan prototype.  

Ive had the same problem as well and have used the green slim line 22,000 rpm motor from Pendle slots.  Although its a little torky.  It should work fine.  Costs around 10.00 dollars US.

Thats what I have.  Please excuse the error. I called it the 1042 instead of 7042.

What is this APB?  Ive never heard of it.  Where wold i see it in action?

The Plymouth road runner and the GTO should be made as well.  Scalextric please listen to our comments.

I cant believe Richard Petty's charger is not available.  That is the premier racing vehichle.  I met him once in the airport in Atlanta. I will never forget it.  Tall thin and super cool with a big black cowboy hat. Classic racing legend.  There is none bigger.  The colors on his cars are beautiful.  Please make them.

@Andy P.

Indeed.. Trans Am cars should be a part of any serious slot car enthusiast's fleet...


Thus, 1042 wins hands down.  Thanks for the feedback.  I will continue to use my 1042 in conjunction with the rcs64 software to conduct my races.  Eventhough its not perfect either, I am able to race and pace all cars with pitting involved.  

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