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Quite like the look of this...


Does the car have working lights and is it DPR. Cant seem to find anything on the site?


WRC fan and Scalextric fan

@Andy P.

I have them in paper form at home and I might be able to scan them (a bit busy at the moment)

But here are some videos I used when I got started:

It is pretty straight forward really...

Scan would be cool when you have the time please.........Will take a look at the vids also - thanks!!!

Also found this link from yours very good:

WRC fan and Scalextric fan


Does anyone have a pdf of the installation instructions for fitting and soldering in a retro fit chip into older saloon cars please? (year 2000's cars) - not F1 cars or DPR quick fit chip cars

Want to convert some of my analogue cars


Thanks All

WRC fan and Scalextric fan

Thanks all....Laughing

WRC fan and Scalextric fan


To answer your last question .....

Yes - you can use as many of the straight lane change tracks (C7036) as you want.

Ok- thanks all - appreciated

WRC fan and Scalextric fan

@Andy P.

Hi there,

I am not sure what piece you mean by "outside to in single lane"?

Are you referring to the pit entry piece?

If so, you cannot use them to bring the track down to one lane. That will short out the powerbase. Both lanes must remain separate.

Or a lane changing curve?

The lane changing curve only works with modification.

You can use any number of straight lane changers and any number of pit entries as long as the lanes do not touch.

Hi - thanks for the reply - its this section of track here - which i think is deffo the curve as you mentioned

WRC fan and Scalextric fan


Hi - Need some advice as regards lane changing sections of track please? 

My setup is all digital now (ARC Pro / track and three digital chipped cars) I have a straight digital lane change crossover lane changer that works fine with all cars etc

However, when i add an 'outside to in single lane' changer the track ceases to work - cars dont move or anything? - all track is the correct way round and sensors in the right direction etc

Have been told that the ARC Pro is only programmed to use the digital lane change cross over sections of track and not the single lane changers  'out to in' sections as these have now stopped being manufactured by Hornby?

Also.... Can i use more than one digital lane change crossover section in my circuit please?



WRC fan and Scalextric fan

Anyone have a lane changer crossover they want to sell? Laughing

WRC fan and Scalextric fan

All set up and ready for family Xmas racing, young and old!!! - no need to bother with Xmas dinner on our dining table - will have to have dinner on our LAPS (Get it?) Laughing

Think I may need more track and cars for other racers!!!!



WRC fan and Scalextric fan

Well - I tried  'Pace Car' last night from the App - How cool is that!!!! - racing another car and only one person!!!! - 'lovin it'....CoolLaughing

WRC fan and Scalextric fan

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