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This video was one of the videos I watched in deciding on Scalextric versus other brands. It really sold me, as did a few other videos. A great video that gives you a broad overview of the set as a whole. Thank you for sharing. 

Haha... okay. I'll breath now...  phew.

@Andy P.


Personally I would extend the straight after the pit lane (assuming a counter-clockwise race direction) so you can maybe swap the 45° R1s for R2s or a combo R2 and then R1..---

You have R3s right before the main straight so there should be space.

Huh, I never thought about that. But then, where to does the grandstand go? 

Yeh, I might look at that. The beauty of the software is that it helps with angles and getting everything aligned and matched. It took weeks and lots of discussions to get just that layout. But thank you for the suggestion. I will look at that later. Gotta get A track going first. 


Twigman   The Scalextric track designer #10, is out again in paperback.  Ultimate Racer doesn't work on MACs for some reason.


I went with the Railmodeller Pro for my Scalextric track building on the MacBook. It is a really nice program. You can get the express for free which will allow you up to 40 elements I think. After than, it is $39.99 (USD) to get the Pro. I was able to build this layout:


Any news on the forum? I wanted to register but was advised the moderator had turned off new registration. While I am glad for other forums, I was saddened to learn that the forum appears to be crumbling and is not acceptig new members. Maybe I am wrong?

@sgtada  has their "stocklist" which shows all the stores, dealers in the US. You have to b like the rest of us and write to them all to find the one piece you need! Then pay for it. . .


That's a waste of time. I found them for $14.99 plus shipping (

I received mine yesterday and it works perfectly. 

Awesome article. Thank you for sharing this!!!

UPDATE: Scalextric is taking care of the cars that is very satisfactory to me. I am impressed with their customer service so far and glad I went with Scalextric. 


Are you saying that you see different braking effects with the APC PRO in digital mode ... depending whether the app is running or not? If so I find that very surprising... would you mind recheckng please and then confirming how exactly the braking effect differs? Many thanks...




Okay, I just checked it and I was able to brake with the ARC Pro App connected. When I used the set without having connected the App the first time, it didn't seem to do anything. Once the App has been used, the cars operate the same with or without the App. I hope this info helps. Sorry for the lack of clarity. 


I believe the collective wisdom for ARC PRO is to use digital chipped cars in digital mode and analog (i.e. non chipped) cars in analog. If you use digital chipped cars in analog mode with an ARC PRO which is simulating analog mode there are two known problems...

1/ cars run too fast as you have observed.

2/ cars have no brakes.

Solution is simple... remove the DPR decoder and replace with an analog hatch (fitted with a simple socket) if you need to run a digital car in analog mode with the ARC PRO...




Mr. C,

It has been my experience that braking does not work without the ARC Pro app. I ran the the Sunset Speedway track without the app for a few days and while everything worked well regarding speed and lane switching, the brakes did nothing. 

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