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Bio: I'm a slot car racing hobbyist in my mid-sixties who used to play with slot cars in the nineteen-sixties.

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That's the one thing i didn't test was to drive the pace car manually. It's the same car i used as pace car with my C7042 APB and it worked flawlessly, including correctly registering laps. Next time i get home, i'll check out the pace car in particular in addition to trying the app on my wife's iphone. Cheers!


So i replaced the single crossover turn with standard radius 2 pieces. I tried a pacer race and still had the issue with pace car registering triple laps each time around. I deleted the app and loaded a clean one. Cars  were set to 100% power throttle profiles on C. The cars operated correctly with app off or on. I set up a simple grand prix race with red and green cars. Both cars operated at speed and laps counted correctly. I tried a pace car race and still had the tripple counting issue. Went back to grand prix race and all was good. Progress for sure. Weirdness remains with pace car function. Thank you Dr_C.


Thanks Dr_C. I'll try your suggestions next time i get home. I have a pair of radius 2 standard curve pieces on their way to my house to replace the one crossover and consequently isolate the two lanes. Maybe that will unconfuse things for the operating system. 


So i'm home for the weekend had time to experiment some more. Yes, all six cars work without the app. No problem. The lane change function works with all six cars at any of the lane changers. My grandaughter was over and we were able to operate two cars without the app, no problem. I expect that with six drivers we could operate six cars without the app. No problem. She downloaded the Scalextric app on her iphone 7 plus and we had the same results as with my Samsung 7. We ran a two car race but one car that previously operated correctly with out the app, would only go slowly with power set at 75% or 100%. The laps were registering correctly. As before if we ran a pacer race, the pacer's speed would be as set but, the manually operated car would top out at about 50% power even though that car was set up for 100% power and did not register laps but the pacer car would register three laps for every lap. That is, the pacer car would register a lap at the power base, another about 1/3 of the way around the track and another at about 2/3 of the way around the track. Not much new here.


Woodcote, actually i did the mod, which is just unsoldering two wires, switching positions, and resodering, before i ever used the powerbase at all. Afterwards i connected wireless controllers and cars. In subsequent testing everything worked flawlessly, until it didn't. Andy, i presume that a short would trigger overload functoin and base would shut down unitl problem resolved. We'll figure this out when i get back home, maybe. Thanks.


Gorp, yes i did the power base mod of reversing the two wires because i am not running isolated lanes and am only interested in digital operation. Very easy to do. After the mod and inserting the power base into my layout I did connect all six wireless controllers and connected to six cars. I then did several laps with each car to verify operation and make sure all lane change sections operated with all six cars. No problem. I did do a few pacer races with no problem. Then things began to deteriorate. Some of those pacer races were definitely run with the pacer and the red car. Right now i'm not positive the cars will run with the app off. I did do a two car race with my grandson and one car went slowly and the other recorded triple laps. When i return home in a couple of weeks i'll do some further testing and i'll get back to you. Thank you for your help. 


So i purchased the Arc Pro power base and wireless controllers and all worked well when i first installed and tested after doing the power base mod. I then removed all my wired controllers and associated wiring. And all seemed to work well initially but now nothing works as it should. For example, when i turn on the base and controller, and place a connected car on the track, i should be able to operate the car but it doesn't move. Throttle action shows up on screen. If i proceed to do a pace car race, the pace car speed sets correctly. I place a connected and set up car on the track and start the pace car race. The pace  car takes of as it should but it counts three laps every lap. The connected car takes off with throttle actuation but slowly. Then goes on auto pilot. It doesn't respond to the controller at all and laps completed do not register at all. I've tried restarting the power base. I've deleted the app and downloaded again. I can switch to another connected and set up car and it does the same thing. My grandson was over a few days ago and we tried a two car race. One car operated as it should but was counting triple laps and the other car would only go slowly and didn't count laps. I've tried it with Asus tablet, Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and BlackBerry phone. The devices all work about the same. We're working of a Verizon 5G wireless connection. The router is only about 10 feet from the power base with a direct line of site between the two. Frustrating as hell. I guess that's why we call it a hobby, eh?  


@Poppa Wheely

Wow,  seems complicated.  But yes this does help.  I will contact and see what I need because I already use the rcs64 software.  



Hey PW, i sent you an email with some pics. 



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