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Thank you for your answer.


it seems that the official App will never get new features like suggested!

having the opportunity to rotate your device in landscape would be nice (strongly recommended to any Apple iOS dev).

what about adding a lap on every pit stop when you power base is not before or after the finish line?

what about tyre wear and fuel burn? Way too quick on a large track.

Could we have a official feedback from Scalextric that this App (great graphics) can be updated?


Best Regards.

@Andy P.

gorp is right. Magnets "mask" problems a car might have, such as wobbly front axles, non-round tires/wheels and bad weight distribution. I have even read about people using magnets to equal out performance.

Going magless means you have to really approach the car as if it were a real race car. Weight, its distribution, traction, friction, etc. etc. all play a role.

Driving is also very different as the cars slide and drift a lot more.

A few tips:

The car must be pristine inside. No lint, no excess grease etc.

The axles must be tight but have enough play to move freely. Personally I also don't like a lot of up and down play on the front axle.

The wheel must be true i.e. perfect round and rotate perfectly.

The tires must be sanded (unless they are silicone) and clean.

Track must also be very clean.

You will likely have to add 5-15 grams on various parts of the car.

Have fun!

Do you know what kind of weight you can add in a magless car? 5 to 15 grams of what? Any weight having the size of the original squared magnets? Where to find them?

Thanks in advance.

I have another question related to this thread.

Could you use a SINGLE (not both) curved crossover that came with the extension pack 1 C8510 with the ARC PRO? This way the pace car and the real car are on the same lane.

Can someone confirm this? or have tried this?

Thank you so much!



I'm in the same situation. I've just built my new digital track and completed it with PC Lapcounter and Pit-Pro. I will make the switch to Arc Pro if this brings all the functonalities i have so far (solo racing with pacer cars and segments) + wireless controllers and maybe more ...

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