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Well, after saving up and buying a new iPad and upgrading to a new iPhone X, all I can say is that I wish I had gone Carrera!  Our system is so full of bugs that all we do is use the track without the Arc app so at least we can run our cars.  

The problems persist and if anything have become worse - now we have total power outages on the track even without the Arc app running.  We have not been able to complete a single race with the new devices as the system either loses all power or the race simply stops after a couple of laps and then will not reset.

Given the money invested in this track and power system I am very frustrated.  The only variable is maybe the latest IOS (13.1.2) is not fully supported by the Arc Air app?

I am thinking of junking the Arc Air and converting to a "proper" timing system running on a PC, if that is possible with Scalextric track.  Does anyone have any recommendations as to how to do that?


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Update; tried re-installing the App twice and also using the legacy app, results are better and the same between both.  We can now run races with all cars apart from Pioneer cars, they cause power base overload messages and then we have the phantom power on the single lane until we turn everything off and re-set.

Unfortunately I don't have any alternative devices to try with the app at this stage, so we will preservere with what we have until another device is available to see if it makes a difference.


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Hi Woodcote, I really appreciate your reply.  I'm using an iPad Air with the latest OS install.  Today we ran the system without the app for over four hours (testing and running in some new cars) and it worked without any issues.  Then we wanted to race so tried a Quick Race and no luck, two laps in and the app just closed.  Opened the app again, start another Quick Race and not even one lap and the dreaded power base overload issue raised it's head and we could not run.  This is running two Scalextric 1963 mini coopers, which are not exactly high current drains.  We turned everything off for a few minutes (iPad, powerbase and hand controllers) and then rebooted and decided to try just using the Practice setting so at least we could get some lap times.  That worked well and we used it continuously for another 2 hours with only one annoying glitch - one track always had some low voltage going through it, not enough to move cars with magnets but probably enough not to do the cars much good if left for a while.  This did not spoil the racing as the hand throttles worked well, but the low valtage when stopped issue remained (always one track only and always the same track).  Tomorrow we will try downloading and using the lagacy app as you suggest and will advise how we go.


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Hello all,

We have just updated our large (12M) home layout from an old analogue powerbase to an Arc Air and we are now having a lot of problems.

The track is maintained in excellent condition, as are the braids on the cars.  We have a lot of cars and many different makes, all of which used to run fine on the old power base.

Now it is a very different story unfortunately.

All cars run fine when using the Arc Air power base only, without the app turned on.  But once the app is on, the trouble begins.

Not all of the cars will run at all, and some will run in fits and starts all over the track, and this is with all brands, Scalextric, Ninco, Pioneer, FlySLot etc.

It gets even worse if you try to run two cars at the same time, even with two reasonably low-drawing Scalextric cars.

Then if we try any of the race apps, it's completely useless.  If we do have two cars that run fine, we are lucky to get two laps in before the app stops due to powerbase overload.  And this is after over an hour of free practice runs without the app turned on and without any isses.

We have not been able to have one race with the app, which is defeating the whole purpose of buying the thing.  Can anyone offer any advice as to what mifght be causing this issue?  I was wondering if I need to upgrade the power supply?

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