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Sorry the Lap Counter and Timer is no longer available...

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Lap Counter and Timer

Item code: C8215

The Lap Counter and Timer makes Scalextric racing more exciting than ever before. The unit counts down the number of laps remaining in your race, from sprint challenges to endurance racing (up to a maximum 999 laps). The timer also records the fastest lap time for each lane to the nearest tenth of a second (up to 99.9 second lap time displayed). Featuring a clear LCD and sound.

Suitable, and intended, for use on Standard Scalextric layouts.

For Scalextric START track system see C8528 designed for the Scalextric START range.
If using C8215 with Scalextric START then C8525 Converter pack will be required as a minimum.

For Digital layouts see C7039 Digital Lap Counter.

Due to the infinite combinations of track layouts, it is good practice to plan your layout and know which track pieces are required.

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