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Scalextric Track Plans Book (10th Edition)


The 10th Edition Scalextric Track Plans book is the ideal tool to offer some inspiration and detail on how to take your layout to the next stage. The book boasts no less than 69 layout options of all shapes and sizes, analogue and digital, bespoke and actual replica examples of world-famous race tracks.

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  • Age Suitability: 8+

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The best thing about this booklet is the section on extending a basic Scalextric set - definitely useful for those new to Scalextric. The two-lane real-life 'World Circuits' are good, although the four-lane tracks could also have been offered in two-lane versions. Most of the rest of the two and four-lane tracks are very imaginative, but don't offer much variety. Strangely, the four-lane digital tracks won't work with the two powerbases shown - and, on the whole, two-lane tracks are absolutely perfect for Scalextric digital and ARC Pro. Overall, an opportunity missed, I think.

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