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New for 2020

New for 2020
Scalextric Catalogue 2020

2020 Scalextric Catalogue

Welcome to the 2020 Scalextric Range!

Scalextric and slot racing fans can rejoice with the release of our fantastic 2020 range! 


Terrific new tools await you, introducing vehicles with three wheels, six wheels and a very exciting time machine! 


As we introduce a TV and Film Favourites category this year, we’re thrilled to bring you iconic vehicles from Back to the Future, Only Fools and Horses and James Bond. 


For younger racing fans we have some excellent additions to our Micro Scalextric range, including Ryan’s World, Batman Vs Joker and James Bond. Plus, an excellent hyper car rasio C-20! 


Explore the full range now! 

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Showing 25 to 48 of 68

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