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Scalextric ARC AIR Set Transformer

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Is this power supply suitable for ARC PRO digital power base?

Posted by Mike on 7th Dec 2017

Hello Mike, I think you need P9303, US/CA 15v 4 amp.

Is this power supply suitable for Microscalerxtric 19V input?

Posted by Jonathan Cameron on 1st Apr 2017

Probably not. The power jack to the track piece is likely different and this power supply only provides 15 volts instead of the 19 the system requires. Having said that, if you can find a power pack that supplies the correct power (19 v same amperage etc) you can strip the wires and use the jack of your old power pack (assuming you have one). If you are looking at this in order to lower the volts and slow the cars down i can suggest getting an "in line" or "plug in dimmer": Plug the dimmer into the wall, then plug the powerpack into the dimmer. Set the power to the lowest setting. Smash the triggers down to full power (use rubber bands) and slowly increase the power until the cars just fly off. Then back the power off a tiny bit. IMPORTANT: Check the power pack to be sure that it is NOT getting hot. Some users claim the power packs overheat using this but I have never had a problem. Most important too is to make sure the track is clean and tires are clean lightly sand the tires for more grip.

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