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Le Mans Sports Cars Set

Le Mans Prototype 17 Vs Le Mans Prototype 21

Take part in your own version of Le Mans with this fantastic set. Feel the sense of accomplishment of making it to the end of an endurance race, with nearly five meters of track and four different track configurations to pick from, plus a lap counter to keep track of your progress against your opponent. Even if you prefer shorter, quicker races this set is perfect with its two Super Resistant Le Mans Prototype cars that can keep going even after more serious accidents.

There’s also an adjustable power setting on the hand controllers to limit the speed of a race, perfect for keeping less experienced racers on the track!

Key Features

  • 4 Track Layout 4 Track Layout
  • Speed Limiter Controller Speed Limiter Controller
  • Lap Counter Lap Counter


  • 2 x Le Mans prototype cars
  • 1 x Powerbase
  • 2 x Speed limiter controllers
  • 1 x Lap counter
  • 6 x R2 90 degree curve
  • 6 x R2 45 degree curve
  • 1 x Track support
  • 4 x Spare braid plates

Tech Specs

Supplied with a US transformer

  • Space Required: 191 x 132cm
  • Track Length: 484cm
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Age Suitability: 8+

Special Features

  • Easy Change Pick-Ups
  • Magnatraction
  • Super-Resistant
4 Track Layout 4 Track Layout
4 Track Layout 4 Track Layout
4 Track Layout 4 Track Layout
4 Track Layout 4 Track Layout

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What are the other track configurations that are possible with this set without extension track? In particular, is there a figure-8 configuration, such that each racer gets both the exterior and nterior lane once during each lap?

Posted by Sebastian on 24th Apr 2017

IN the picture of the 4 layouts that you can see on this product information page the lower-right-hand one shows a layout using a "bridge" to criss-cross and allow each car to have an "outside" lane. It is hard to see because they overlap.This would be a fairly small setup though.

Can anyone tell me how many of what track pieces (the codes) comprise this set? Thanks

Posted by IanD on 2nd Feb 2017

This set contains 6 x R2 90 degree curves (which aren't sold separately), 4 x R2 45 degree curves (C8206) and the Powerbase and Lap Counter straights.

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