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Micro Scalextric

Micro Scalextric Hyper-Cars Set

Bugatti Veyron Vs Bugatti Veyron

Densely charged with turbo power, Bugatti Veyrons are record breaking in performance! This Micro Scalextric set features two leading cars, both in dazzling colours. Take off on this challenging race track and swerve past your rival contender!

Key Features

  • 9 Track Layout 9 Track Layout
  • Speed Limiter Controller Speed Limiter Controller
  • Super Resistant Super Resistant


  • 2 x Bugatti Veyron
  • Track (361cm)
  • 2 x Speed limiter hand controllers
  • Power & accessories

Tech Specs

Supplied with a US Transformer

  • Space Required: 42½ x 33 inches
  • Track Length: 361cm
  • Length (Inches): 142 ¼
  • Scale: 1:64
  • Age Suitability: 6+

Special Features

  • Easy Change Pick-Ups
  • Magnatraction
Micro Scalextric Race Karts Set
9 Track Layout
9 Track Layout
9 Track Layout
9 Track Layout
9 Track Layout
9 Track Layout
9 Track Layout
9 Track Layout
9 Track Layout

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Very nice set

I bought this set a few months ago and it has run flawlessly well built looks great lots of fun

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Review Guidelines

Can Micro Scalextric use track from other Scalextric brands, if not, are there additional track sets available.

Posted by Robert Harkins on 13th Jan 2017

Micro is 1/64 scale i.e. half the size of Scalextric's Sport (standard) track which is 1/32. Some call this scale H0 or HO but the jury is out if that means 1/87 to 1/60 scale... All Scalextric Micro sets after 2009 use the same connector so you can buy sets and combine. There are no dedicated track expansions fro Micro. You can use other "H0" cars on Micro track.

I'm located in the US, does this set include an adapter for the power supply?

Posted by on 16th Nov 2015

This set contains a US transformer and plug.

Yes it does it comes with the US power supply.

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