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Scalextric Ultimate Track Extension Pack

Extending your Scalextric layout has never been easier. The seven Scalextric Track Extension Packs are totally flexible in their design. Any of these packs can be added to Standard or Digital Scalextric circuits.

Each pack can be incorporated into a Scalextric circuit, from simple ovals and figure-of-eight tracks to the largest layouts. One or more Track Extension Packs can be added to the same circuit. You could use all the Track Extension Packs to make a hugely impressive circuit incorporating all the featured track pieces. The reverse side of the packaging explains how the Track Extension Pack can be incorporated into any number of layouts



  • - 'One size fits all' concept
  • - Compatible with Standard and Digital sets
  • - Fits any sized layout



  • - 1 x Leap (Ramp up and down)
  • - 2 x Standard Straight Track
  • - 2 x Hairpin Curves
  • - 2 x Quarter Straight Track
  • - 4 x Side Swipes
  • - Borders and Barriers


Please note: The Leap Ramp pieces found in Track Extension Pack 2 and the Ultimate Extension Pack are not suitable for Digital Circuits.

Tech Specs

  • Age Suitability: 5+
  • Length (Inches): 49 ¾

The Grandstand

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In reference to the question below - I have a digital race line C1275 purchased in 2011. Is this compatible? If not, can you please advise which track pieces are. Thanks!

Posted by Kathryn on 8th Dec 2016

Yes it is completely compatible. For more info on digital track and its possibilities I suggest visiting the Digital Forum right here at

Hi - can I ask is this extension set compatible with the Scalextric digital race line C1275? Thanks.

Posted by Kathryn on 7th Dec 2016

Yes you can use it with any of the Scalextric sets (except Micro) after 2014. Just care much be taken with the ram (flying leap) as digital cars leaving the track may cause the system react... poorly...

Is this compatible with the Scalextric C1329T arc one without any additional adapters? Thank you, Charlie

Posted by Charles Wilcoxson on 4th Nov 2016

Yep. 100% compatible both with ARC ONE and ARC AIR. Scalextric only makes 2 types of track anymore: Micro Scalextric (about 1/60 scale) and Sport (1/32 scale) .

Hi, I am new to Scalextric. Does the ramp (and all of the various extension packs for that matter) work with the porsche Power Slide set c1343 ?

Posted by James on 2nd Oct 2016

Yes, all Sport track is standard and can be used in both analog and digital sets. The ramp (flying leap) clips on to any piece of straight track more or less any where.

Yes it is Sport track as is your c1343 set so it will work. Just note that the ram is designed to only work going in one direction of travel (one side has power strips to ensure the care has power up to the "jump") and the other side has a wider V cut out to "catch" the car landing.

The wording on your box says that it is compatible with all Scaletrix, yet Amazon says it needs a conversion pack C8525 to be compatible with my son's Start circuit. Does it need this conversion pack? Where can I get one? Or : Is your wording correct?

Posted by Tony on 19th Aug 2016

It depends, If the start set is more than 2 years old it is the "Start" type track so you will need the C8525 converter to connect to Sport track. If it is a newer set it is the Sport type track and is 100% compatible. The Start type track was discontinued a year or more ago and replaced by standard Sport track. The big difference is Star track is more like hard plastic and has 3 "prongs" whereas Sport track is more flexible and only has 1 rounded and 1 square connector.

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Safety Notice

Warning Not suitable for children under 36 months. It contains small parts which can present a choking hazard, and some components have functional sharp points and edges. Handle with care. Only use this product with the recommended transformer. Colour and contents from those illustrated. Please refer to the Safety Notes in the main set instruction leaflet. Please retain these details and the address for future reference.

Further Details

Colour and contents of products may vary from those illustrated

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