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Side Swipe Straights

Use to create exciting bottleneck section or combine with C8201 Radius 1 Hairpin Curve 90° to create a tight and perilous hairpin.


2 x 350mm Side Swipe Straights

Push-fit Scalextric track for quick and easy circuit building.

Connect modern Scalextric track to original track (which has ring-shaped connectors) using the C8222 Converter Straight.

Tech Specs

  • Age Suitability: 5+
  • Length (Inches): 27 ½

The Grandstand

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adrenalina pura

Ottimi pezzi per creare tratti di pista dove l'adrenalina dei piloti sale vertigginosamente. Oscar, Italy

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Great addition!

The sideswipes are a lot of fun.
Really though, in a straight line unless you are going at least 90% of the car’s top speed most cars will not touch. Still there is the human instinct to flinch which cars get closer.
There are also models with yellow striping which are a bit unrealistic for a race track. You can remove these with liberal amounts of alcohol (used on the track, not imbibed…) . This will however make the track looks quite matt so I would only do this if you plan on repainting the track.
Where these really come into their own is when combined with the C8201 Radius 1 Hairpin Curve s either one 90° or 2 for a full 180° spin around. The curves fit inside of the standard R2 curves we all have mounds of from the basic sets and these add a nice dynamic to the layout.
One small problem is of course you do need two lengths of double length straight (a total of 70 mm or nearly 2 and half feet). The same applies to the hairpin curves, you need a lot of space to use them.
The up side of that though is that it gives you more time to react to the tight turn.
All in all, a very good, fun and useful addition to any layout!
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This product is not suitable for children under 3 years because of small parts which could present a choking hazard. Some components have functional sharp edges. Handle with care. This product is intended for indoor use only. The transformer is not a toy- "it's a transformer for toys." Before use, check that the transformer is the correct voltage for your mains electricity supply. Only use this product with the recommended transformer. The transformer should be examined regularly for damage to the casing, plug pins and cable. In the event of such damage, the set/accessory should not be used until the transformer is replaced with a new Hornby recommended unit. This set/accessory must not be connected to more than the recommended number of power supplies. The output terminals of the transformer must not be connected directly, or indirectly , to the output of any other AC circuit derived from a transformer or mains power supply. Never attempt to open the transformer yourself. Before cleaning any parts, disconnect the transformer from the mains supply. Do not use liquid for cleaning. Colours and content may vary from those illustrated. Made in China. Retain the details, and the address, for further reference.

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